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In this episode, Griffin Kelton, your host, sits down with Spencer Shell to talk about how to get started on the journey of tea.

This episode kicks off the new season of Tea Time Tuesday in a new location (TeaGschwendner Raleigh) and with a new spin. There are now two tiers of episodes. This is an example of tier one. Typically 3-5 minutes in length, tier one will be a beginner tea series, specially targeted at those just getting into tea or who haven’t delved into at all. On the other hand, tier two is directed specifically at those who are interested in tea and want to learn the most they can. These episodes will be 5-7 min. in length and packed with information from every aspect of tea! Both tiers will include the same tastings. The difference will be in the amount and depth to the knowledge shared. Don’t forget to email your questions to griffin@teatimetuesday.com. All emails will be answered, some featured on the show. Also, those who email in will be sent samples of my favorite tea featured on the show next week!

Music from this week’s episode:

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Griffin Kelton http://twitter.com/griffinkelton
Spencer Shell – http://twitter.com/spencershell

If you look closely at the background, you can see the “Spirituality of Tea” by Jason Witt (http://twitter.com/jasonwitt). Available at Amazon.com (Kindle edition).


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