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Although an episode did not come out this week (due to technical difficulties that are being resolved), a few teas were reviewed as well as some things here and there.


Orange Blossom Oolong (video) – This tea gives a nice dark orange liquor (see picture and video below). Off the nose, I am getting a musky & bitter citrus aroma (the oolong is semi-fermented). This oolong provides a nice medium bodiedtea that has …. (read more)

Temperature: boiling

Duration: 2 minutes

Rating: 76/100

Japan Genmaicha – This is my first time having the Genmaicha. After having many Japanese teas, I finally decided to give it a try. The story of how it started reminds me a lot of the legend of the Lapsang Souchong and its origins (they both were … (read more)

Temperature: 90°C/195°F

Duration: 1 minute

Rating: 76/100

Diplomat’s Tea (video) – As I said in the video, this bright first flush Darjeeling provides a bright and slightly unsettling Muscatel edge. However, accompanied with the woody, wet stone aroma, the appeal is great. Complete with all that you would  … (read more)

Temperature: boiling

Duration: 3 minutes

Rating: 75

Japan Tamaryokucha – This Japanese green tea is pleasantly grassy with creamy, medium weight body that lightly lingers on the top of the palate (cf. umami). Alongside this briny grass-like flavor comes a nuttiness resembling almonds … (read more)

Temperature: 80°C/175°F

Duration: 2 minutes

Rating: 66/100

Notable links

Mandarin Pronunciation Guide for Taiwanese and Chinese Teas

Caffeine and Tea: Myth and Reality

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