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Although an episode did not come out this week (due to technical difficulties that are being resolved), a few teas were reviewed as well as some things here and there.


Orange Blossom Oolong (video) – This tea gives a nice dark orange liquor (see picture and video below). Off the nose, I am getting a musky & bitter citrus aroma (the oolong is semi-fermented). This oolong provides a nice medium bodiedtea that has …. (read more)

Temperature: boiling

Duration: 2 minutes

Rating: 76/100

Japan Genmaicha – This is my first time having the Genmaicha. After having many Japanese teas, I finally decided to give it a try. The story of how it started reminds me a lot of the legend of the Lapsang Souchong and its origins (they both were … (read more)

Temperature: 90°C/195°F

Duration: 1 minute

Rating: 76/100

Diplomat’s Tea (video) – As I said in the video, this bright first flush Darjeeling provides a bright and slightly unsettling Muscatel edge. However, accompanied with the woody, wet stone aroma, the appeal is great. Complete with all that you would  … (read more)

Temperature: boiling

Duration: 3 minutes

Rating: 75

Japan Tamaryokucha – This Japanese green tea is pleasantly grassy with creamy, medium weight body that lightly lingers on the top of the palate (cf. umami). Alongside this briny grass-like flavor comes a nuttiness resembling almonds … (read more)

Temperature: 80°C/175°F

Duration: 2 minutes

Rating: 66/100

Notable links

Mandarin Pronunciation Guide for Taiwanese and Chinese Teas

Caffeine and Tea: Myth and Reality

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This Tuesday (24 November  2009), the TeaGschwendner Early Grey review episode will be released! Keep an eye on this site, Facebook or Twitter for the release. As always, comments, suggestions,  and questions are always welcome (post them on the Facebook fan page wall or [at] reply @teatimetuesday on Twitter as the email is down currently). Every question will be answered and some will even be featured on the show.

Have a great weekend,

Griffin Kelton (@griffinkelton)


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Exciting week in the world of Tea Time Tuesday. Alongside this week’s kickoff episode, quite a few tea reviews were logged.


Assam Numalighur – This Assam is a CTC BOP second flush and it is very suddenly apparent when you see, smell, and taste this tea. To start off, it has a deep brown, chocolate liquor (similar to coffee). It has a robust malty aroma that is unilateral in that it is strongly simple and flat… (read more)

Temperature: boiling

Duration: 4 minutes

Rated: 80/100

shinchaKirisakuraJapan Shincha Kirisakura – This tea is great! Off the nose, I am getting a muscatel & vegetal aroma with a hint of cherry. It’s a full bodied green tea that lingers little and offers a very light briskness (0.75 out of 5, really that mild). You get a light buttery sweetness on the tongue alongside and a milder vegetal than… (read more)

Temperature: 60ºC/140ºF

Duration: 3 minutes

Rating: 87/100

nilgiriBlueMountainNilgiri Blue Mountain – This mild black tea gives off a bicuity aroma with a definite astringency. On the palate it is very lingering as it dries the mouth. Moving towards the rear of palate it provides a strong citrus bite (in line with the astringent aroma). Highly brisk, this tea is a great wake up tea… (read more)

Temperature: boiling

Duration: 3 minutes

Rating: 62/100


Vietnam Yen Bai OP – This Vietnamese tea reminds me very little of an Assam in the aroma. Although it has that “biscuity” steam that billows from the cup, it is very light on the nose. Starting off, you get a strong and stout smokiness off the palate. You get a slight grape lingering that is overshadowed… (read more)

Temperature: boiling

Duration: 4 minutes

Rating: 71/100

gyokuroJapan Gyokuro – This tea is a calm Japanese green. Getting a light vegetal aroma (spinach-like). Very subtle, alongside a lightly citrus background (between a under-ripe peach and an clementine). The taste is equally as light. Chartreuse in color. Not as creamy as some other Japanese greens… (read more)

Temperature: 60ºC/140ºF

Duration: 2 minutes

Rating: 67/100


In this episode, Griffin Kelton (@griffinkelton), your host, sits down with Spencer Shell (@spencershell) to talk about how to get started on the journey of tea… (read more)

That wraps up this week for Tea Time Tuesday. If you would like to keep up with things during the week, keep an eye on @teatimetuesday or the Facebook fan page.

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In this episode, Griffin Kelton, your host, sits down with Spencer Shell to talk about how to get started on the journey of tea.

This episode kicks off the new season of Tea Time Tuesday in a new location (TeaGschwendner Raleigh) and with a new spin. There are now two tiers of episodes. This is an example of tier one. Typically 3-5 minutes in length, tier one will be a beginner tea series, specially targeted at those just getting into tea or who haven’t delved into at all. On the other hand, tier two is directed specifically at those who are interested in tea and want to learn the most they can. These episodes will be 5-7 min. in length and packed with information from every aspect of tea! Both tiers will include the same tastings. The difference will be in the amount and depth to the knowledge shared. Don’t forget to email your questions to griffin@teatimetuesday.com. All emails will be answered, some featured on the show. Also, those who email in will be sent samples of my favorite tea featured on the show next week!

Music from this week’s episode:

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If you look closely at the background, you can see the “Spirituality of Tea” by Jason Witt (http://twitter.com/jasonwitt). Available at Amazon.com (Kindle edition).

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Concluding Matcha

Episode 5 and 6 were a lot of fun! Unforunately, I was unable to talk to you all about Matcha, the tea, as much as I would like to. The tea plant is rumored to have been brought over to Japan by a Budhist monk Dengyo Daishi. Matcha, as I mentioned in ep. 5, comes from the Gyokuro tea variant. This tea is planted in the beginning of May and grown for twenty days in 90% shade. After that, they are covered by sheets of bamboo to reduce the light even further. These low light levels increase the levels of chlorophyll in the leaves giving it that dark green tint. In addition to that, this causes lower levels of tannins. Tannins are what give most teas an astringent/bitter taste. Without this, Matcha is allowed a sweeter, lighter flavor.

(Thanks to Harney and Sons Tea for the image.)

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Break away from the traditional tea experience and discover with me some alternative ways to enjoy Matcha. Easy, nourishing, and delicious!

Don’t forget to check out http://therescue.invisiblechildren.com


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So I told you all in epsisode 5 of TTT that I would post this amazing smoothie recipe online. So here it is!

Matcha smoothie

  • 1/2 tsp. – 1 tsp. of Matcha (depending on your preference)
  • 1/2 scoop of Life Extension Whey Protein (that’s what I use)
  • A small pouring of Simply Orange Organge Juice
  • 1/2 of a banana
  • handful of frozen strawberries


  1. Add OJ to blender
  2. Add Matcha and blend.
  3. Add protein and blend.
  4. Add 1/2 of banana and blend.
  5. Add handful of frozen strawberries and blend.

Grant it, this is what I prefer. Feel free to tweak it as you like! And enjoy!

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In this episode, I cover Matcha, the ceremonial Japanese tea. It’s a powdered green tea. Enjoy!

Also, the winner of last week’s prize package was Jessica Buchanan. Congratulations, Jessica. I hope that you enjoy your prize package. We have another contest coming soon, so become a fan on Facebook for more updates. If you want any t-shirts or stickers/bumper stickers, check out the Tea Time Tuesday Café Press storefront. 





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